It’s Spring Break, but what happened to my break????

So Spring Break encompasses 3 weeks in our household.  It pretty much monopolizes my month of March.  As my kids have gotten older, Spring Break has come to mean the season of remodel in our home.  With the advent of Pinterest, the projects have become more and more “teen” focused.  By that, I mean that I put the kids to work on my ideas and they fully engage when the idea is theirs.

That being said, this Spring Break has been no different. It began with my soon to be 16 year old daughter informing me that she wanted to redo her room and she knew just how she wanted it done.  She even agreed to do it herself (lofty aspirations at the time). So off we went to the store to buy new bedding (always buy your linens first so you can color match) and paint.

First order of business, tape off the room.  She had this part down pretty well.  Once the painting began, I was enlisted for the molding areas.Before      

The solid color walls went fast.  All told, there were seven of them.  We even painted the closet doors.


Once the solid walls were completed, the decorator wall was next.  After quickly painting the other walls, my daughter thought the last wall was going to be a breeze.

This first step was creating a template.  She found a design she liked and cut it out of cardboard.  The next step was to draw the pattern on the wall.  This took several hours and she had a difficult time with wrist pain for a while after.


Once the design was penciled on, the painting began.  The only way to accomplish this was to paint the design free hand.

      Day One on the project saw 3 of the lines completed about halfway down the wall.  Day Two saw a little less than half of the wall done. By Day Three, she was tired of it all and Mom took over.  Eventually, we completed the wall.

  We had to run painter’s tape in a straight line from the bottom because the wall wasn’t exactly plumb and the design was beginning to slant upwards as we neared the end.  By the time we reached the last corner, I was no longer following any drawn lines.  Everything was being eyeballed as I painted. Note to self, place up guidelines BEFORE you  pencil on the design.

Once the room had wall had dried, the furniture was put in place and voila, a teenage girl’s delight.


All told, the project took 3.5 days and I really hoped that this would be the end of it.  But no such luck.

The next week rolled around and my son began his Spring Break by reminding me that we needed to repair a closet door in the room that one of our exchange students is coming into in a couple of months.

The doors are 8 foot by 4 foot mirrored rolling panels and one had cracked at the bottom a while back.  We had removed the door, but not replaced or repaired it yet.  After some brainstorming with our kids, we decided that a “chalkboard’ was just the thing..  Since this “board” would get a lot of use, we decided that we’d start with a sheet of 3/4 inch plated steel cut to fit the original frame of the mirrored closet door.


Once the sheet metal was cleaned and primer, it was ready to paint.  We followed a simple recipe of 1 cup paint and 2 Tablespoons of non sand tile grout to create our chalkboard.  Any color paint would do, but since our exchange student will redecorate the room when she arrives, we decided a standard black would do for now.  We can easily change the color at any time with a fresh coating.


We mixed the recipe right in the can using left over black paint from my daughter’s project (above), then we poured the mixture into a painter’s pan and rolled it on the steel.


That 1 cup of mixture covered the whole sheet in two coats.  As soon as the metal dried (about 1.5 hours), we put the original frame back on and braced the metal with wood bracing.

Lastly, we rehung the now, new and improved, chalkboard closet door.

So here we are on a relatively quiet Sunday evening and we have one more week of Spring Break.  I wonder what we’ll tackle next?  Lighting?  A new fireplace?  Your guess is as good as mine.


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