The Dog Days of Summer

It’s been a busy and productive summer here in our household.  We started out the summer with a complete relandscaping project.

Here’s what we’d been living with.



It was pretty barren and the grass had died out years before we bought the property.

Since we live in the desert portion of Southern California, we decided that we needed heat friendly landscaping.  We had a number of mature trees, hedges, roses, vines and flower beds that we didn’t want to disturb so the first thing we did, after grading the yard, was to put in some concrete curbing.  We decided that the best position for the curbing was around our hedges, vines and flower beds.  We also placed one as a border between the back yard grass areas and the side yard rock area and another in the center of the front yard to keep the surrounding rock out of our grass island.


The great thing about cement curbing is that it cures quickly.  In some areas, we were able to lay the rock up to it within a few short hours.  When it came time to put in the sod though, we had to let the curbing cure for at least twenty-four hours first.

I loved watching the grass go in.  There’s just something about green grass that makes a home look complete.


With some last finishing touches and rock laid in some of the hedge beds, our landscaping was complete.  The whole project, start to finish, took four days and cost us $4000 in materials, plantings, cement, grass, and rock.  not a bad investment if you ask me.



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