What I do to de-stress…

We all have our rituals, our vents, our passions that take us away from the stresses of our daily lives.  I often get teased because one of my winter de-stressing activities (In the summer, I de-stress by spending the day at the beach) is remodeling.  I know, I know, most people find that to be stress inducing.  Not me.  I am an oddball, I know.

That being said, when I start one of my “projects”, I get plagued with requests to show the process and the finished accomplishment.  So bear with me.  On occasion, you will stumble across one of these projects here so that the voices in my head (actually the ones on the other end of my phone) will be somewhat appeased.

So here we go.

When we first bought our home, there were just a few things I hated about it.  One was the waste of space (who needs two living rooms and two family rooms????) and the other was the ugly 4×4 gunmetal grey tile throughout the house.  So of course, I decided it needed to be changed.

Back in 2009, I started in the kitchen.  The goal is concrete counter tops and back splashes, however tearing out the tile and creating forms was too difficult with the shape pf the kitchen cabinetry.

We started by scoring the tile so it would take the treatment.  We had to put up plastic over all the openings so the dust wouldn’t settle into other rooms. Once the tiles were all scored, a concrete primer was painted on all the tile and a wooden lip (or stop) was attached under the lip of the counter tops to keep the concrete from dripping onto the floor and to create a straight edge look.

Next, we mixed up the concrete (we used Quickset and colored it black with concrete dye) and troweled it on to the back slashes.  Next, we poured the concrete onto the counter tops and troweled it in place.  To get a clean “seam”, we wrapped our index finger in plastic wrap and ran our finger along the joint between the back splash and the counter tops.  We used plastic wrap again and pulled it across the bullnosed edge of the counters.

  The counters came out looking like grey granite stone.  Unfortunately, the “new” counters made the cabinets look dingy.  SO…

Before I could call the job done, I decided I needed to redo the cabinetry.  A white, washable paint was applied.  Then I finished it off with Black hardware.

And now, I have a kitchen that isn’t ugly and disgusting to cook in.


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