Keeping my fingers busy

So the last two weeks or so, the entire household has been down sick with head colds.  That’s 6 individuals out of commission at one time or another, and of course, MOM (who’s nurse through this whole epidemic) is one of the first casualties and the last to kick the bug.  That meant that I didn’t have much energy on my really sick days.  However, I’m not one to lay idly or even sit idly, so this became the perfect opportunity to do some crocheting, specifically, to crochet afghans for our two Foreign Exchange daughters.

I wanted to try out some new stitches so taking into consideration the girls’ personalities and their color choices, I found two perfect stitches for what I wanted to create.

Greta, our Italian daughter, loves fall colors, reds, oranges, golds.  In fact, she chose a Chinese dragon motif (bright red and yellow) for her bedroom.  It seemed only natural that I do an afghan in those colors and in a flame-like stitch.  The Lark’s foot stitch lended itself beautifully to this.  It’s a relatively simple stitch that creates a very fast growing blanket.

The following videos demonstrate the stitch much better than I ever could.

Jannie, our Dutch daughter, is more mellow.  She wanted greens and she’s very much into nature. I had seen a Crocodile or Scale stitch and thought that this would be fun to do a blanket in.

I really enjoyed working in both stitches. Greta’s flame afghan took 4 days to complete.  Jannie’s crocodile afghan took 12 days to complete.  The girls are pleased with the finished results.


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