Art Deco Ceiling treatment

I have some really artsy creative friends.  One such friend is just like me with a very Italian Renaissance twist (I’m more Victorian).  She recently redid her dining room ceiling and I was so taken by it, that I have to share her creation.  So here goes.

My fantastic friend, Katie, took her smooth white (and dull) dining room ceiling and layered gold metallic plaster underneath a light silver metallic paint top. She got busy with other projects and the ceiling sat for 2 years.  At least she knew it was cured.

Once she was ready to tackle the ceiling again, she broke out the stencil she’d purchased from Royal Design Studio and then proceeded to tape it to the ceiling.  The modello pieces are about 5′. You’ll see how challenging this was to install in a second!

Her son, Jonathan, was her accomplice and here he is burnishing the edge of the 1st piece. There were 8 all together; 4 base and 4 overlay. 6 ft tall Jonathan is standing on a chair (just to give you an idea of the scale of her dining room.

The modello is incredibly sticky so that it will adhere.  It took Katie and Jonathan quite a while and quite a lot of patience to get it into place and to get it squared (not easy when you’ve having to crane your neck back to watch and correct your angles.

Once the base and overlay are adhered,  the ceiling is ready for it’s “makeup”.

In order to give the modello depth and to give the paint a smooth base to cling to versus a textured base which the ceiling boasts after its base coat treatment, a layer of plaster is put over the base modello. At this point, Katie was already tired and had a crook in her neck! The base install took 3 hours. The plaster another 2! The upper modello areas were left  free of plaster.

Next comes the fun part; the painting.  in keeping with her love of Italian Renaissance Style, Katie chose to paint the upper modello a deep plum layered with metallics (aged nickel and aluminum and copper).  The base modello was painted a light grey with a purple tinge.  It, too, is layered with the metallics.

The paint is allowed to cure and then the unveiling takes place.

The modello is extremely sticky, remember?, and if removed to quickly, it could remove the plaster and paint finish that took so long to apply.  Katie and crew (Jonathan) Carefully work the modello from ceiling inch by inch.  Places that appear to be pulling from the ceiling are left to cure for another hour. Inch by painstaking inch, the ceiling treatment is revealed.











Finally, the entire modello is freed from the ceiling and the design is completed.


2 thoughts on “Art Deco Ceiling treatment

  1. Wow….thanks for blogging about my project! I feel so honored since YOU, my dear are very talented and crafty. Like minds 🙂

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