The PROM dress

I’d forgotten how big a deal the prom dress is. With 4 sons and a daughter, and the daughter stuck down near the end of the family chain, I’d managed to skate through 5-6 Proms with just gentle reminders to not forget the corsages. This year? Not a chance.  This year, we have to focus on the hair, the nails, the makeup, and THE DRESS!

First, this required a day trip down to the L.A. garment district where we spent 9 hours walking in and out of merchants’ storefronts (if you’ve never been to the garment district, you’ll have no idea what this entails….no seating, crowded spaces where ALL their products are displayed, no dressing rooms, and barely a word of English to be heard) only to discover that the EXACT dress (what she was thinking she wanted couldn’t be found in next seasons offerings) was elusive and not to be cornered in this part of the state.  We did find two prom dresses for our foreign exchange daughters who weren’t quite so picky.

Second, (after my refusal to return to the garment district) we began the hunt online to no avail.  The perfect dress was no where to be found.

Then the father got involved.  I guess he’d had enough of the teenage tears and drama. Both he and the daughter drew up a concept (he’s a whiz at drafting which is what makes him an amazing engineer) and presented me with the DRESS. I then went hunting and found a pattern I could easily modify, and broke out the sewing machine.  Here’s what I did.

The concept

pattern  pattern2 Thank goodness I could find a decent pattern.


The material

DSC_0018  DSC_0017



2013-03-25 14.41.11   2013-03-25 14.41.24

One very happy teenaged girl.  Now about them shoes??!!??


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