Quilting for the Bride

I took a break from blogging this summer as I sent off one son to Oklahoma City, two exchange daughters to The Netherlands and Italy respectively, planned a wedding with my oldest son and ran through all the Senior rigamarole with my daughter. On top of that, I added in an out-of-state book signing and a health coach convention across country. Something had to be set aside and I’m afraid it was my craft blog.  But I’m back for a quick visit before the craziness of school starting takes over my household (just 10 short days away).

I did manage to do some crafting this summer.  One thing I truly enjoy are family traditions.  My family has a wonderful tradition to welcome new brides. The women of the family gather together and tie and/or piece together a quilt for the bride. I couldn’t let my son marry without implementing this tradition for my beautiful new daughter-in-law and it was a wonderful means of introducing her to many of her new female family members.

Katelyn (my DIL) picked the colors, and per tradition, I and my mother did the fabric shopping. I was a bit concerned since the colors were lime, teal, and chocolate.  Thank heavens for my very experienced mother.

We found these great materials at JoAnn’s


The chocolate polka dot became decorator pillows and window valances.  The solid teal and the lime paisley are the quilt.  I also found a lime queen sized sheet at WalMart that I bought for the quilt backing.  So much easier and neater than pieced 45″ or 60″ material.

The quilt design is pretty simple…

Lime and teal paisley center bordered by solid teal on three sides and backed by solid lime.

DSC_0228  DSC_0231

Since the couples bed is a Queen, I cut the topper material to match the queen size flat sheet I used for the backing.

When the day of the bridal shower arrived, all the women of my family who lived close by gathered, along with Katelyn to tie her new quilt. (Kudos to my husband for building me a great collapsible quilting frame).


We tied the topper to the backing with lime green embroidery thread (3 strands) and followed the paisley print on the topper as our guide (I have quilting patterns but did not need them for this particular quilt.

HINT: Instead of buying an expensive quilting pattern, use white sheets and cut your own tie pattern in the sheet. It’s cheaper and a king size flat sheet will produce 4-6 different patterns.

The women had fun swapping stories, getting to know Katelyn, and catching up as they tied together.


I don’t know what we enjoyed more, the accomplishment of a tied and ready-to-be-bound quilt or the visiting.


Once the quilt was tied, it was up to me to bind the edges.  I opted for a blanket binding with a edging machine stitch.  It took several hours to pin the thin binding, but the finished look is very professional and clean looking.

DSC_0001  DSC_0002

The edges are a three point and ensure that there is a crisp edge to the corners and that there will be no unraveling.



Viola!! The finished quilt, all tied, bound, and ready to be delivered to the bride and groom.


I’ll post a picture of the completed quilt set on the bed as soon as the newlyweds send me one.


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