About Me

I was born creative, I think.  My earliest memories are of me making things.  That drive still exists today.  I love to remodel, redecorate, cook, write, sew, crochet, take old things and give them new life.  Maybe that’s why I became a therapist and later, took up writing novels.  I just love to create or improve upon things. I hope you enjoy this particular blog.  It satisfies my need to explain what I’m doing and keeps people off my back when they hear I’m doing a new project and then want to know how I did something.  Don’t be surprised to find within this blog page, cooking experiments, remodeling projects, crochet patterns, furniture designs, do-it-yourself aids, or what-not.  If it’s something I’d do again, you’ll find it here.  Enjoy.

And if you want to see what else I do, you can check out my Lifestyle/Relationship advice blog and my Novelist blog.


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