Another Prom Dress

I have a hard time saying NO.  Even though I had a trip to get ready for, a writing deadline, clients to contact before I disappeared for the weekend, AND the event I was asked to sew for was a little over a week away, I still agreed to sew up a Grecian style Prom dress. At least, I l;earned some new sewing tricks AND the dress turned out beautiful.  Can’t wait to post pictures of the “belles of the ball” this coming weekend in all my creations.

This dress went from concept to reality in 3 days.

ImageCutting out is always the most tedious and boring step (in my opinion).


To create the Grecian pleats, I had to cover the bodice and Empire waist form with a pleated layer.  Good thing… it’s gorgeous. Bad thing… it shrinks the dress dimensions.  Lesson learned as I had to put expanders into the back of the dress.


ImageWhat I originally cut out as a size 10, quickly shrunk to a size 6.  No bueno.Image

The skirt required both a slip (under sheer skirt), a skirt, and an overlaid sheer drape. Not sure my machine still loves me.


At least the finished dress is dreamy and the young dancer is pleased with my creation for her.


Now to do some alterations for two more young Prom goers.



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